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Estate Tax: Will you pay?

Season 2, Episode 11 – August 1, 2017

We’ve all heard the expression, “Two things you can be certain about in life - death and taxes”. But what about taxes after your death? Who pays? Who doesn’t? Estate Tax is a highly complicated part of the law, and what you leave behind may be far more valuable than you realize. Planning ahead to help your loved ones avoid a huge tax bill is important. In this podcast episode, JDSA Attorney Bryce Mackay discusses Estate Tax: Will Your Estate Have To Pay?

Litigation: Should I Sue? 

Season 2, Episode 12– August 8, 2017

Has anyone ever threatened to sue you? Have you ever been told you should sue someone? In either scenario, there is a lot to consider. And most importantly, you need to clearly understand what is involved. Do you have a good case? Would you ever collect if you win? Is there an alternative to suing? In this podcast episode, JDSA Attorney Matthew Hitchcock addresses, Should I Sue? What to Consider Before Filing a Lawsuit.


 Cohabitation Agreements

Season 2, Episode 13 – August 15, 2017

You live together, but you’re not married. You intend to remain committed, but marriage is just not your thing. On that, you both agree. But what if, one day, you went your separate ways? What if one of you becomes ill? You’re not legally family, so can you visit in the hospital? Do you have a say in your partner’s medical treatment and care? In this episode, JDSA Attorney Jordan Miller discusses Legal Tips for Cohabitating Non-married Couples.



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