The Cannabis Business: What You Need To Know Now!

A 90-minute presentation you don’t want to miss. 

By Lindsey J. Weidenbach

By Lindsey J. Weidenbach

The business of cannabis is big business. If you’re involved, you know the potential. But do you know—and understand—all the legal matters that come with operating in this emerging industry? If you don’t, you can gain a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time.

Producers, growers, and retailers can best grow their cannabis-industry business by knowing more about the laws and regulations governing this potentially lucrative industry.

JDSA Law is presenting a seminar on Cannabis in Central Washington on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. JDSA Law attorney, Lindsey Weidenbach, will lead this 90-minute early-evening event. Lindsey will focus on providing two key areas of information:

  • Changes happening in the cannabis industry

  • The issues cannabis businesses are experiencing in Central Washington

There are numerous areas of discussion surrounding the cannabis industry in Washington and Oregon - such as Consulting and Licensing Agreements, Retail License Expansion, Research, Industrial Hemp, Advertising, and others. And while the focus of this presentation will be on changes and related issues, the wealth of knowledge you can gain from Lindsey, and her presentation, could help make a significant difference in the overall success of your business.

In addition to the vital industry-related information you will receive in the seminar, attendees will also receive a $40.00 discount on the 50+ page Handbook, "Maintaining Compliant Business Practices in the Washington Cannabis Industry”, which she created, authored, and maintains to keep cannabis business owners current with the evolution of the cannabis industry.

This seminar is being presented at the Confluence Technology Center in Wenatchee from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Limited seating is available. Attendance is $20.00.

Register by clicking here.

Lindsey Weidenbach began her practice in the cannabis industry, at its infancy, in 2013. She services over 30 cannabis industry-related clients (from producers to retailers) in varying stages of their business practices. Lindsey is licensed to practice and represent cannabis clients in the states of Washington and Oregon, and is currently being considered as a speaker at multiple national industry conferences in the months ahead.