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Appellate Law

How An Appellate Lawyer Can Help You

Mounting an appeal can seem like a daunting task for a trial attorney. It is a time-consuming process that requires a very different set of skills than trying a case does. The goal is no longer to convince a lay jury that your version of the facts is the right one....

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How to Decide Whether to Appeal a Case

If you have just lost a trial or a motion to dismiss and are contemplating an appeal, there are important considerations for you and your client to keep in mind. From ensuring that you comply with the relevant timeframes and procedures, to understanding the applicable...

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Appellate Advocacy in the Digital Age

As more and more courts around the country embrace technology, lawyers must keep up or risk being left behind. Indeed, the American Bar Association has stated that professional responsibility requires lawyers to keep abreast of “the benefits and risks associated with...

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How to Appeal a Case in Washington State

If you are considering bringing an appeal, there are important deadlines and detailed procedures that must be followed to the letter. Understanding the structure of the courts, the different methods for seeking review, and the various standards of review is of the...

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