JDSA helps growers and producers understand the sea of paperwork and regulation. State and Federal laws govern many of the experiences our public enjoys on a daily basis. While individuals may notice familiar regulation on age limits and special taxes, the producers behind each industry face significant regulation. Our attorneys advise and assist our clients in matters concerning the control, taxation, record keeping, labeling, advertising, permitting and monitoring within various industries. JDSA attorneys are dedicated to helping you understand the language and laws that cover your industry.

The production and distribution of alcohol (such as wine, beer and spirits) is an attractive, realistic revenue stream for many in the agriculture industry, as they work to diversify and engage regional tourists. Many within the industry, who know how to grow great fruit and produce great products, find themselves beset by vast amounts of paperwork.

Tobacco is a highly traded commodity with many users, as well as highly regulated for advertising and health risks. To be fully compliant, merchants in every step of the distribution chain must be perfectly aligned with governmental regulations.

The right to bear arms, and use of firearms is currently a protected right in our country. The combination of individuals' desire for self-protection and recreation, and the inherent lethal force of the weapons cause much debate and calls for scrutiny regarding regulation of their use. As the public engages the market and rights behind this field, legal issues quickly arise.