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Arbitration – The Impact of Employment Dispute Resolution Agreements

Season 3, Episode 16 – The Epic Systems case is a recent United States Supreme Court decision that could have a significant impact on businesses and employees throughout the country. But is it good or bad for you? The Supreme Court has ruled that companies can use an arbitration clause in an employment contract. So, instead of going to court, employees may have to resolve disputes with their employer through arbitration. Is this good for employees? Or is it entirely lop-sided, and all in the favor of the company? This makes for a hot topic, and why you want to hear this podcast episode. Listen in as JDSA attorney Colleen Frei explains the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling and how it can affect you, in Arbitration – The Impact of Employment Dispute Resolution Agreements.

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Arbitration Clauses

Season 2, Episode 26 – You know your favorite sports athlete has gone through this, but it’s just as likely you will one day. It’s Arbitration - and it’s not just for high-profile sports heroes. It is often the method of resolution for most legal agreements. In fact, you probably agree to it every time you click “accept” when installing a new app on your smartphone. You know, the “terms of use” few to no one ever reads. Arbitration is a mainstay of legal dispute resolution. But is arbitration a good idea for you? Is this your best way to solve a legal dispute? And what exactly is binding arbitration? In this podcast episode, JDSA Attorney Clay Gatens - explains Arbitration Clauses – Advantages and Disadvantages.

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