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Product Liability and Recalls – Is Your Business Protected?

Season 3, Episode 18 – Product recalls are an increasingly frequent occurrence. Sometimes they involve product safety; other times they may involve situations such as food contamination. But have you ever thought about what the grower, manufacturer, or the retailer has to do when there’s a recall? Who shoulders the cost of pulling everything from the shelves? What other costs result from the issue? If you’re in the agriculture industry, manufacturing, or retail sector, you will want to listen to this podcast. JDSA attorney Colleen Frei discusses the importance of not only having insurance, but knowing for certain your policies are the right ones—to protect yourself—and cover unexpected expenses. Listen in, and get the details in this episode of JDSA’s Law Talk podcast highlighting Product Liability and Recalls – Is Your Business Protected?

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Arbitration – The Impact of Employment Dispute Resolution Agreements

Season 3, Episode 16 – The Epic Systems case is a recent United States Supreme Court decision that could have a significant impact on businesses and employees throughout the country. But is it good or bad for you? The Supreme Court has ruled that companies can use an arbitration clause in an employment contract. So, instead of going to court, employees may have to resolve disputes with their employer through arbitration. Is this good for employees? Or is it entirely lop-sided, and all in the favor of the company? This makes for a hot topic, and why you want to hear this podcast episode. Listen in as JDSA attorney Colleen Frei explains the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling and how it can affect you, in Arbitration – The Impact of Employment Dispute Resolution Agreements.

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Succession Planning – And Why It’s Critical For Business Success

Season 3, Episode 14 – The most important job in your company could be replacing a top person. In any company—large or small, corporate or family business—there will come a time when the CEO or another high-ranking leader will retire, or move on. Sometimes the departure is sudden and unexpected. Who will fill those shoes? Is there someone inside your company ready to take the lead? Or do you need to look outside the organization? How do you plan for this company-changing event? And when should you start thinking about it? In this podcast episode, JDSA attorney Colleen Frei talks about grooming leadership for the future health of your business in Succession Planning – And Why It’s Critical For Business Success.

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