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5 Tips for Licensing Intellectual Property

Season 2, Episode 8 – You’ve created the Next Big Thing. And, naturally, you want as many people as possible to use or experience it. But you don’t have time to promote and sell it, because you want to move on to create the next Next Big Thing. What do you do? You license your intellectual property to let others sell it for you. Now you have to sort out license scope, revenues, timelines, enforcement, and more. And that’s when you discover, licensing intellectual property is exactly as complex as it sounds. Fortunately, in this episode, Laraine Burrell discusses Five Tips for Licensing Intellectual Property.

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Cybersquatting: What’s That? And What You Can Do About It

Season 2, Episode 5 – Cyber Law is frequently in the news. Perhaps, you’ve considered it within your own business. One of many potential threats, cybersquatting, is registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from someone else's trademark. This practice is illegal. And it has become a concern for many commercial businesses. In this episode, Laraine Burrell discusses Cybersquatting: What’s that? And What You Can Do About It.  

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Trademarks: Standing Out in a Crowd

Season 2, Episode 2 – What is the little “R” you see circled at the end of some words or slogans? And what does it mean? A Registered Trademark is a word or series of words, sometimes with a logo, utilized to distinguish a product or service. It has to be distinctively different. Not only to make you notice it, but also to ensure you do not get the mark confused with another brand, and unintentionally purchase the other brand’s product. So, how do you create a prominent trademark? And, how do you protect it?  In this episode, Laraine Burrell discusses Trademarks: Standing Out in A Crowd.

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