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Common Questions About Commercial Litigation

Season 2, Episode 7 – Being sued? You’re not alone. It happens to businesses every day. And it comes with a lot of questions. Is this a serious matter that is going to be decided by a jury, or a judge? Can you settle out of court? And who is paying for this lawsuit? Commercial Litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in business such as breach of contracts, partnership disputes, class actions, and other corporate disputes. In this episode, Lee Lewis discusses Common Questions About Commercial Litigation.

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When to Hire an Appellate Lawyer

Season 2, Episode 4 – We’ve all heard someone say, “We plan to appeal the decision.” That’s where the Appellate Lawyers come in. Appellate Law is another stage in the litigation process. After a trial has reached a resolution or ruling, the appellate courts can be a “second look” to determine whether a decision was supported by facts, or legally correct. So, how do you know what decisions can be appealed – and what considerations should be made before considering an appeal? Is an appeal worth the money? Described as “the litigation after the litigation”, in this episode, Lee Lewis discusses When to Hire an Appellate Lawyer.

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What to Consider Before Signing a Construction Contract

Season 2, Episode 1 — Building a new home or commercial building? Planning a renovation? Have you had your contract reviewed by an attorney? A well-drafted construction contract clearly contains the scope of work to be completed, the price to be paid, and the payment terms. It also defines the relationship between the customer and the contractor. But what else should the contract include? And, what can be done to avoid problems?In this podcast episode, Lee Lewis discusses What to Consider Before Signing a Construction Contract.

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