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Trademarks: Standing Out in a Crowd

Season 2, Episode 2 – What is the little “R” you see circled at the end of some words or slogans? And what does it mean? A Registered Trademark is a word or series of words, sometimes with a logo, utilized to distinguish a product or service. It has to be distinctively different. Not only to make you notice it, but also to ensure you do not get the mark confused with another brand, and unintentionally purchase the other brand’s product. So, how do you create a prominent trademark? And, how do you protect it?  In this episode, Laraine Burrell discusses Trademarks: Standing Out in A Crowd.

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Common Questions About Copyright

Season 1, Episode 27 – Copyright is a commonly misunderstood legal matter. It is, literally, the right to copy. Copyrights are federally defined as original works of authorship. However, copyright is a complex area of law, and most people are unclear if all books and artwork is copyrighted; what material is protected; and if something is copyright protected - how do we know? In this radio feature from September 19, JDSA attorney Sally White discusses Common Questions About Copyright.

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Intellectual Property

Season 1, Episode 22 – Is it yours? Or does it belong to someone else? These are two simple questions you need to understand when it comes to intellectual property. It’s so much more than whether or not you can take text and images off the internet to use them for yourself. It covers names, trademarks, logos, ideas, and more. And there are complex laws protecting what is yours - and what belongs to others. In this radio feature from August 8, JDSA attorney Sally White answers Frequently Asked Questions About Intellectual Property.

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