Class Action Lawsuit Challenges Lenders that Lock Out Borrowers Before Foreclosure

Jesse Jones, of KIRO7 News, speaks with JDSA Law while investigating the upcoming class-action lawsuit headed to the Washington State Supreme Court in January 2016.

Thousands of individuals have been locked out of their homes. While they may have legitimately missed some payments, the lockouts performed by the accused lender Nationstar, were clearly in violation of Washington law. In a class-action lawsuit headed to Washington State Supreme Court in January, attorney Clay Gatens hopes to help the victims receive the justice they deserve.

The lockouts in question are systematic and illegal because the lending banks had not actually foreclosed on the homes yet. This "David-and-Goliath" situation unfortunately pits individuals, often elderly and/or without a clear understanding of the process, against a very convoluted process.

Original video as aired on KIRO7 News: