JDSA Supporting the Spirit of A.Z. Wells Gala

On November 11th, the Spirit of A.Z. Wells Gala is celebrating its 25th year, recognizing those who generously share their time and talent for the betterment of the community. And JDSA will be there.

As a proud supporter, JDSA is contributing to the annual gala organized by Confluence Health Foundation. “Every year, JDSA supports various philanthropic causes”, said Jasen McDaniel, Executive Director of JDSA. “As the Silver Anniversary Sponsor for this event, we’re simply doing our part to help another organization whose long-reaching benefits are felt throughout North Central Washington.”    

For more information about the Foundation, or to join us for an evening of celebration, please register online at: Confluence Health Foundation. Proceeds from this year’s Gala will go to the Wade Family Literacy Endowment.

Confluence Health Foundation is a volunteer organization committed to developing successful fund raising programs to support regional, high-quality health care services at Confluence Health for our families and for our communities far into the future.

Kirk Esmond