The Evolving Online Presence of JDSA Law

Summarized as “legal, but relaxed”, JDSA’s newly minted, communication tool highlights what clients are to expect from a client-centric law firm. From the intuitive user interface to topical information throughout, the website integrates the Life’s Journey video, a series of podcasts, and will soon also include downloadable and subscription-based legal tools for individuals, businesses and legal practitioners.


Legal, but relaxed: A local law firm has offered blessed relief from the usual ego-centric, in-your- face websites hosted by many legal outfits.
Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward of Wenatchee launched a new website last week that — get this — presents videos that soft-sell their services and suggest that a good law firm can be part of everyday life for many individuals and businesses. The whole site offers more video and photos with much less reading.
One feature to be activated in a month or so are video “tools” offered for a one-time fee or subscription basis to help clients address legal issues. Another cool aspect is a series of podcasts on a wide variety of legal subjects — from starting a business to what it takes to be an attorney.
— Mike Irwin, The Wenatchee World