Serving Within Our Community

As a Board Member, Bob Siderius, Provides Legal Counsel to the Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce

Bob Siderius, a partner with JDSA Law, is beginning his second year serving as a board member for the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce. As a resident of the Wenatchee Valley for over 30 years, Bob is honored to contribute his time and knowledge, and enjoys being involved in our community. As a member of the board, Bob’s focus is to provide legal counsel to the Chamber, assist in the review and modification of contracts, and drafting new contracts on their behalf. Referencing the staff, Bob says, “They’re extremely energetic, highly skilled and very resourceful.” He adds, “it’s also great working with the other board members. They all wear multiple hats, as business leaders, within the community.”

According to Bob, it has been an outstanding opportunity to contribute toward the vision and direction of the Chamber, where accomplishments have been vast and the future is strong. Bob encourages all business owners in the Wenatchee Valley to reach out to their Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is great for networking, and is an excellent resource for obtaining information on local business activities and trends. 

Fulfilling a key role, the 16-member board administers the budget, promotes business and business opportunities in the region, and assists to promote tourism in the Wenatchee Valley. For additional information on the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, or to see local business events and the programs calendar, visit

Kirk Esmond