Employment Law Seminar

New Employment Laws – Are You Ready?

Join JDSA Law attorneys Kristin Ferrera and Rita Lovett as they explain what you need to know now about Paid Sick Leave and other updates; how the new laws may impact your business; and why it matters to you and your employees.

Other Topics include:

  • Paid Family Medical Leave
  • Overtime Exemptions
  • Meal Period Waivers
  • 3rd Party Liability
  • with Farm Labor Contractors
  • Pregnancy Accommodations
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Piece Rate Pay Litigation


You Spoke. We Listened.

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Please Note: Information provided in this session is being provided to highlight key areas of interest but does not constitute legal advice. If you need or desire legal advice for a specific question or topic covered in the seminar, seek the advice of legal counsel.