Areas of Legal Practice


The most comprehensive practice areas in North Central and Eastern Washington.

JDSA Law attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in their practice areas, and work together to provide a broad range of fields. Every major group of practice is represented.

Agriculture Law

Our agricultural clients have trusted our knowledge and advice in key areas of their business and livelihood.

Appellate Law

In the unique and often high stakes State and Federal Courts of Appeal, clients rely on our extensive experience.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We provide effective methods to resolve issues - without going to court.  

Business Law

Serving small local companies and large multinational ones, small and large business owners continue to rely on us. 

Cannabis Law

Cannabis is an emerging industry. We advise and assist you to understand and comply with the complex regulations.


We are your experienced representation in class action lawsuits. Our attorneys work to help victims receive justice. 

Construction Law

Construction companies, property developers, and municipalities know we will guide them through the complexities.

Employment & Labor Law

We guide business owners by representing their best interests in all areas of employee relations.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a very personal and sensitive area of law. We take great care to be your trusted advisor.

Family Law

Complicated and emotional family matters require special treatment. We carefully help you navigate these.

Healthcare Law

Healthcare law is evolving. We have extensive experience addressing the most pressing legal issues.

Highly regulated Industries

We assist you to understand and comply with the specific language and laws within your industry.

Intellectual Property Law

Intangible assets often hold immense value. We help to secure and enforce the legal rights that uphold your interests.

Land Use & Environmental

Negotiations are multifaceted. We will lead you along the most direct route to move your project forward.


We represent your best interests in or out of court, to help bring legal issues and disputes to a close.


Court-ordered or by choice, we help you to reach an agreement, without spending significant time and anxiety in court.   

Municipal Law

With the finest representation, we provide guidance to a variety of governmental entities.

Probate Law

We take great care to ensure heirs and beneficiaries are appropriately counseled through administering a will.

Real Estate Law

In every real estate transaction, we provide solid advice, and do our due diligence to protect your interests.

Succession Planning

JDSA helps develop sound business succession plans to ensure your business remains strong well into the future.

Tax Law
& 1031 Exchanges

We represent your best interests in state and federal tax matters. 

Water Law

We provide solid advice, helping you to navigate the complex legal systems of ownership, control, and use.




JDSA speaks the law – in more than one language.

We’re dedicated to our entire community, and we understand that the most important part of being your legal representative is providing effective communication. We also understand our region is home to diverse population, and because of this, JDSA Law is pleased to provide Spanish Language written and spoken translation services. We believe in giving you the best representation available, and that starts with clear, concise communication. 

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