Attention: Chelan County Cannabis Growers - CUP Deadline of March 1

As reported earlier this week on the NCW Life Channel, conditional use permit (CUP) applications from existing Chelan County cannabis growers are being submitted to the county as new zoning regulations are now in place requiring growers to obtain CUPs in addition to State permits. 

But what does this mean? 

Beginning March 1:

  • Any existing grower in Chelan County who does not submit a CUP by February 28, 2018, will no longer be allowed to grow cannabis
  •  New rules and regulations will be clearly defined and will be in effect for approved cannabis growers

Haven’t submitted your CUP yet? Lindsey Weidenbach, from JDSA Law, has assisted other growers in Chelan County with submitting their new CUP application. 

What else may be required? For more information, read Lindsey's earlier blog post.