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Resolving Your Family Law Issues By Viewing Them Through A Wide-Angle Lens

At Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., we are leaders in the practice of family law throughout the state of Washington. Ours is a resolution-driven law firm, and we take the time to understand your unique situation, goals and needs. Family law cases often involve complicated and emotionally charged issues. You can rely on our broad-based experience to guide you through what may be some of the toughest decisions in your life.

Providing The Legal Care And Knowledge Your Issue Requires

Your family law concern requires scrupulous care. You also want to work with an attorney who has breadth of legal knowledge to be effective in resolving your issue. We have a solid reputation for divorce, divorce that involves multiple assets or a business, unmarried relationship dissolution and custody matters, particularly third-party custody.

With a team of attorneys who practice across Washington and neighboring states, we are prepared to resolve your issue, no matter what the extenuating circumstance or complexity.

Offering A Broad Base Of Family Law Representation

With roots that go back to 1946 and a team of partners, associates, paralegals and administrative staff, there is virtually no family law issue that is outside of our legal purview. We are able to assist with many facets of family law, including:

We offer flexible family law representation to meet your needs. Our team can readily handle all types of family law clients and cases. We are unique in that we also have the skilled capability to handle clients with complex assets or large estates or who own a business or businesses. As a team that has exceptional insight and understanding of business law, we can be especially helpful in helping business owners with divorce and asset division. There are many firms that can “handle” divorce but few who have the skill to protect investments during marital dissolution.

Get In Touch To Begin The Process

We understand the emotional toll divorce can take. We offer sympathetic assistance while keeping your best interests always at heart. We offer the opportunity for an initial consultation so that you can meet with our team, better understand the unique benefits we offer and hear what we can do specifically for you and your unique family law need. Call 509-300-3885 or connect with us via website contact email. Serving clients throughout Washington. Specific attorneys on our team are also licensed in Oregon, California and Alaska.