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The Protection And Guidance You Need In Any Legal Scenario

No matter what legal modality your issue is going through, the team at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., can offer experienced and exacting legal guidance and representation. We make it easy to schedule an initial consultation to meet with us and discuss the various legal remedies available. Then you will have a better sense of which modality is in your best interest, given your situation and goals.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our team is committed to dispute resolution when it is in your best interest. Arbitration and mediation are common forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Both are effective means of settling many issues or disputes outside of a courtroom trial. These processes are generally confidential, less formal and less strenuous than traditional court proceedings. They can result in a dispute being settled quickly, without great cost to you. In ADR processes such as mediation, the individual parties play a key role in resolving their own disputes. The outcomes are often longer lasting with greater satisfaction from the parties involved. Our attorneys will advise you on what is best for resolving your issue or dispute.

Finding The Outcome That Works Through Mediation

The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement that works for your life – without spending significant time and experiencing anxiety in court. Mediation with an attorney from our team may help you avoid court and resolve questions. Mediation brings a neutral third party, the mediator, into the equation – someone who helps both sides work together to reach an agreement, which can then be entered as an official judgment. A well-trained mediator will understand your situation and help educate the parties on what the law says. For many situations, mediation is an option that should be considered. The attorneys at JDSA Law can help you determine if mediation is right for you. We can assist in mediation for many issues, including those related to a business law concern or family law issue.

Arriving At Answers Through Arbitration

Contract terms may require or allow parties in disputes to resolve differences through arbitration as an alternative to a public trial. Like mediation, arbitration allows individuals and organizations that are engaged in disputes to have their cases heard out of court. Unlike a mediator, an arbitrator will render a decision based on evidence and arguments presented in arbitration sessions. The decision may be binding or nonbinding. When we represent clients in arbitration, we work closely with them to avoid surprises and to increase the likelihood of a favorable resolution.

Arriving At A Resolution Through Litigation

Should your matter require litigation, our team of experienced and accomplished trial attorneys is at the ready. Litigation is a practice area in which the forum for the resolution of the dispute at hand typically involves a courtroom with a judge and lawyers. Not every attorney is a trial attorney, as this requires more than just a familiarity with the law.

Our first goal is to negotiate an acceptable resolution to your claim outside of the courtroom, which can save everyone involved time, money and personal resources. Our attorneys will be your advocate, giving you adroit advice and representation.

Representation In Class Action Suits

A “class action” is a legal case against a large corporation. The case is brought by either one person or a small number of people on behalf of an entire “class” of people. Typically, if the actions of a corporation cause harm to a large number of people, it is more expeditious to have one small group represent the larger group (certified as a class) instead of attempting to arrange for hundreds or thousands of individual cases. The team at JDSA Law is relentless in pursuing real results for real people. We have successfully represented consumer plaintiffs in class actions against some of the largest lenders, loan servicers, insurance companies and publicly traded companies in the nation. Call us for a confidential review of your potential class action case.

Taking Your Case To The Next Level

Some decisions require review. Our appellate attorneys recognize when an adverse decision in a civil case requires another look. Our appellate attorneys have extensive knowledge of appellate laws and the special procedures of the appellate court. Our team recognizes the elevated level of legal formality and reasoning that is demanded by the appellate court. A successful appellate attorney is a highly skilled brief writer with the ability to distill the thousands of pages of trial transcripts and exhibits into a single, highly persuasive document – often no longer than 50 pages – containing nothing but the core factual and legal reasons for the appellate court to rule in the client’s favor.

Our appellate lawyers provide a range of services relating to appeals and accompanying legal issues, including:

  • Briefing and arguing appeals in both Washington state and federal courts of appeal
  • Providing advice and assistance in briefing significant legal issues at the trial court level
  • Advising litigants and trial attorneys on appellate issues before, during and after trial
  • Preparing emergency petitions, writs and other post-trial motions
  • Preparing amicus curiae briefs

Litigants as well as trial lawyers rely on our experienced appellate attorneys to advocate at the appellate level across a broad range of legal issues. We have over 50 years of combined experience arguing appeals in state and federal courts.

Work With One Of The Largest Firms In The Area

As one of the largest law firms in north-central and eastern Washington, our team offers diligent, committed and proven legal representation. We are dedicated to resolving your issue. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation by calling 509-662-3685 or via website contact email.