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Astute Counsel And Guidance In All Aspects Of Construction Law

From initial contract negotiation and bid preparation to project closeout and dispute resolution, our construction practice group at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., handles every aspect of construction projects throughout Washington state. Our broad experience comes from our hands-on approach to managing both the business and legal challenges that our clients face every day. We understand the sophisticated dynamics of the construction industry, and we deliver smart, real-world solutions to our clients.

Whether a project is large-scale or small, our construction law team works closely with clients through each step of the construction and procurement process: planning, performance, completion and dispute resolution.

Our group of highly qualified lawyers and exceptional staff works together to deliver a superior service to our clients. At JDSA Law, our clients don’t hire a single attorney – they hire an entire team. We have helped our clients build a vast array of public and private projects of all sizes, and we represent clients in all sectors of the construction industry.

Construction Planning

Before any ground is broken, we advise on selecting, negotiating and drafting contracts – both private and public – and we are well-versed with all standard industry contract forms and how to leverage each for the greatest benefit to our clients. Additionally, the nuances and associated risks in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other common construction contracts and agreements are familiar territory for us. We also counsel on all permitting and licensing issues, including environmental and other regulatory compliance matters, as well as requirements for insurance and any surety bonds needed.

Construction Performance

We provide a wide range of services as the project gets underway, including bid protests, change orders, schedule disputes and payment disputes. In addition, we routinely advise clients on numerous labor and employment issues, including labor relations matters, union avoidance, immigration compliance and equal employment opportunity issues.

In the case of an accident or other mishap in the course of construction, we supervise investigations, assist and interview witnesses, notify appropriate authorities, ensure proper insurance notice and handle numerous other tasks required to properly manage related issues and pursue a best-case outcome.

In addition to our project administration services, we advise clients on a variety of other often-related business issues, including:

  • Project financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Real estate land use and zoning
  • Government enforcement and investigations

Construction Completion

As the project enters its closeout stage, we help with any inspection and warranty issues that might arise as well as any claims for construction defects. We also handle the resolutions of any outstanding mechanic’s liens and surety bond claims as well as any other issues that could delay the project’s completion.

Construction Dispute Resolution

The top priority for every client is completing a successful construction project that’s delivered on budget and according to plan. To assist in this effort, we can dispatch someone to assess and resolve problems in the field as soon as they arise. Our experience has shown that a prompt, practical response often averts protracted litigation that disrupts and delays projects and adds significant risk and costs for our clients.

When disputes do arise, our team of seasoned litigators is available to assert or defend any claims for our clients pursuant to their business goals. In addition to appearing before numerous state and federal courts and regulatory agencies, we offer a full range of experience in alternative dispute resolution, from mediation to dispute review boards and structured negotiations.

Our extensive experience handling construction claims includes matters involving:

  • Design and performance defects
  • Extra work
  • Delays and disruptions
  • Suspensions and terminations
  • Rejection of nonconforming work
  • Acceleration
  • Lost labor productivity
  • Idle equipment
  • Site conditions
  • Liens, bonds and insurance issues
  • Liquidated damages
  • Warranties
  • Bid protests
  • Bond claims
  • Lien claims

Government Contracting And Procurement

We represent a broad range of clients who do business with federal, state and local government entities, counseling on all aspects of contracting and procurement, from advice on bidding and project administration to protesting bids and prosecuting claims. Our experience includes advising clients on the procurement, development and financing – as well as the ongoing construction, operation and maintenance – of a variety of both greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects using the public-private partnership (P3) models.

In addition to appearing in state and federal trial courts, our lawyers have also appeared before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and U.S. Courts of Appeals on the wide variety of disputes arising between contractors and public entities as well as between contractors and their subcontractors.

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