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Our Steadfast Pursuit Of Legal Excellence

At Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., we are committed to providing top-notch legal service. While our world and our modes of information storage and communication are constantly evolving, we believe that some things, such as honesty, integrity and honor, should never change. These are the principles that each of us embraces and aspires to emulate with each interaction, with each client and with our adversaries.

Founded in 1946, our firm has grown to be one of the largest law firms between Seattle and Spokane. Our team of accomplished attorneys represents many major groups of practice. To learn more about the members of our team, click on the link to these pages:

Our team is composed of 5 partners, 3 of-counsel attorneys and 11 associate attorneys, as well as 11 paralegals and 8 administrative personnel. Our team works in tandem to provide the highest quality client-centric, forward-thinking service possible.

Serving Clients Of All Sizes And Many Legal Needs

From individuals and small businesses to large corporations and institutions, we take great care and pride in our shared commitment to take on your issue and work toward resolution as efficiently as possible. Helping you to find success, now and in the long-term, is what drives us both personally and professionally.

Beginning as a small firm committed to serving the needs of clients in a few areas and later becoming a full-service law firm offering a wide range of legal services, we continue to provide high-quality guidance and representation in:

  • Business law: We help to prevent legal issues and protect our clients if litigation does arise. We understand unique areas of law such as agricultural law, water law, environmental law and land use law. We have an established practice with construction business clients.
  • Family law: We handle all types of family law clients and cases and have the skilled capability to successfully assess and resolve divorces that involve complex assets/large estates. As a firm with a dedicated business law practice, we offer a unique insight into divorces of business owners.
  • Land use/environment/agriculture: We work both with corporations that need access to utilize occupied or owned areas of land and the municipalities that are granting permission to use the land. We represent public utility districts, counties and cities and act as liaisons between municipalities and federal agencies. We offer a broad base of regulation knowledge.
  • Real estate: We are highly proficient in real property transactions and can skillfully handle litigation if necessary. We have an established reputation for agriculture law issues and for representing clients who are buying or selling arable land.
  • Many other practice areas: From mediation, litigation to appeals, we handle all levels of cases and many practice areas to support businesses and individuals in their journeys.

Uncertain as to whether our team is the right choice? We offer cost-free consultations to discuss your issue so that you can meet and get to know us before making a commitment.

A Team-Before-Self Attitude

We put the good of our team before our individual goals and objectives. We eschew individual gain, benefits and desires that conflict with the good or advancement of the group. This means as attorneys, we accept the decisions of both management and the group. We act with transparency and thoughtfulness, even in instances when the decision of the team does not 100% align with our individual preferences. We support our colleagues, celebrate the achievements of others and set others up for success, not failure.

We Hold Ourselves And Others Accountable

Part of acting with integrity means that we not only do the right thing as individuals, but we require each member of our team to do so as well. Each of us – from the person who greets you to the person who answers your billing questions to the attorney who represents you – accepts responsibility for our actions. We acknowledge our mistakes because only then are we able to learn from them and grow.

We have always set the bar high. We believe that adhering to these standards, even in difficult situations, will make us better at supporting your needs and expectations. Outstanding service is our dictum.

A Strong Presence In Our Community And Virtually

As active members of our physical community, we also have an established national presence with our podcast, our seminars and the opportunities we have with the firm. We are strongly committed to community involvement and frequently update our readers with firm news. You can find out more about what’s happening at the firm as well as current issues affecting the law on our news and articles page.

A Commitment To Mentorship And Training

We invest in our firm community. This means we coach and advocate for our associate attorneys and team members. Partners work to develop the team’s legal acumen and ensure the use of good judgment and insight. As each associate grows in experience, we foster their ability to delegate work and assist in quality control. From legal internships permitted under Rule 9-A limited license to practice in Washington state to internal training and development, our attorneys and professional staff are encouraged, guided and highly supported in furthering their knowledge and sharpening their skills. We believe that mentorship and training are key to the growth of the individual, the firm and the legal community of which we are an active part.

When To Arrange A Consultation

Do you need legal representation? How will legal guidance potentially improve your outcome? What does your case require as far as timeframe and financial commitment? These are the questions we can address in an initial consultation.

To speak with a member of our team, call 509-662-3685 or connect with us via website contact email. Located in Wenatchee, we regularly serve clients throughout Washington. Members of our legal team are also licensed in Oregon and California.