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JDSA Attorney Publishes Memoir

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Firm News


We’re excited to announce, attorney Laraine Burrell has published her first memoir. The biography is an examination of a maze of family relationships and guilt over missed opportunities.  Her book, entitled Our Grand Finale, explores the unusual life experiences of both Laraine and her father; and reminds readers that “later” doesn’t always come.

In her memoir, Laraine recalls getting the call to come back to England from the United States, just in time to briefly visit with her father before he passes away. Following his death, she is overcome with grief, feeling that she has squandered the time she had with her father. Instead of staying close, she chose to travel the world and seek her own goals, always thinking there would be time later on to tell her dad all the things she wanted to share – how much she loved him, and how he was her hero. Now, she realizes, it’s too late.

Wanting to do something significant for her father to make up for her neglect, Burrell reflects on the fascinating life her father, a Royal Yachtsman, led – and decides the one thing she can do for him is to tell his exceptional life story, to ensure he is not forgotten. Our Grand Finale is the culmination of that effort – an exploration of both the author’s and her father’s unusual life experiences, and a reminder that “later” doesn’t always come.

This fascinating memoir, is available on Amazon.com, search: Our Grand Finale. Learn more about Laraine, and her contributions to the law practice, by viewing her profile page.

Congratulations, Laraine!