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JDSA Supports The Performing Arts

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Firm News

JDSA Law is pleased to sponsor ‘Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE’, coming to the Numerica Performing Arts Center on October 27.  This event guides audience members on a breathtaking tour through pre-historic Australia where they can observe, meet and interact with an eye-popping collection of amazingly life-like dinosaurs and other creatures.   Brought to life by a team of skilled performers and puppeteers, and designed with the help of professional paleontologists, Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE’s puppets are so extraordinarily realistic you may feel the urge to run and hide – but don’t!

In addition to the evening show, children from select schools in the Wenatchee Valley will be treated to a special daytime performance of Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE as part of JDSA Law’s commitment to giving back to our community.

“This experience allows JDSA to bring events to our community that engage local children that may not have otherwise had an opportunity to participate.  We are proud to sponsor an event that is sure to entertain children of all ages and fuel their imaginations in ways that will forever connect them to their world.”

For tickets to the evening performance of Erth’s DINOSAUR ZOO LIVE, visit Numerica Performing Arts Center.