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JDSA Supports Wellness Place

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Firm News

Each fall, the team at JDSA Law conducts fundraising efforts to support Wellness Place.

Throughout October, attorneys and staff collected comfort items such as slippers, socks, lotions, books, and similar items – all for recipients of Wellness Place services. JDSA also purchased lollipops from a “Cancer Sucks” lollipop stand.  All money raised, and all items collected, goes directly to helping breast cancer and prostate cancer patients.

“Supporting meaningful causes and events is important to the JDSA team. This year our fundraising efforts for Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Awareness month will offer resources for cancer patients and their families from initial diagnosis through every stage of treatment.”
— Jasen McDaniel, COO<

Wellness Place provides gas cards, wigs, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical assists, childcare expenses, quilts, hats, scarves, informational pamphlets/books, lodging, and support groups; and can help serve as a “clearinghouse” of information for those with a cancer diagnosis or chronic illness.

For additional information or to support Wellness Place, visit their website.