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Every Kid At The PAC

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Firm News

JDSA Law is a proud sponsor of Every kid at the PAC (EKAP) at the Numerica Performing Arts Center, and has been part of this program since its inception. As an outreach program, EKAP aims to help meet the needs of community youth, ensuring every child has the opportunity to experience the arts through educational programs such as performances and workshops. This past year, over 7,000 students experienced these events for free thanks to the EKAP program and supporters.

“JDSA is honored to sponsor the EKAP program that reaches across cultural and economic lines, and introduces a new generation to the world of theater. Seeing the joy and smiles on the children’s faces after these performances affirms that we are making a difference in lives of our youth in the greater Wenatchee Valley.”
— Jasen McDaniel, COO