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Annual Commitments to our Regional Business Community

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Firm News

JDSA Law consistently promotes community growth, and the sharing of knowledge through diverse organizations and events. Kicking off 2018, we are proud to renew our support of two local Chamber of Commerce organizations including the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce.

JDSA Law has been a proud supporter of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce since 1980. This year, JDSA Partner, Bob Siderius, continues to preside as President of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. As part of his role, Bob further develops our alliance with the Chamber to promote economic development and growth – finding new ways to make the Wenatchee Valley a better place to live, work, and do business.

Also this year, Joe Holeman, JDSA’s Business Development Director, is beginning his second term as a Chamber Ambassador. In this role, Joe supports new membership development, by encouraging businesses and individuals to join the Wenatchee Valley Chamber. Through this, Joe participates in various ceremonies and functions in the area, again reinforcing JDSA’s commitment to a strong business community.

For the second year, JDSA is again involved in the Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce organization.

“Being a member of the Quincy Chamber allows us to further our commitment to Grant County, especially in the areas from Quincy to Moses Lake. We take pride in giving back to these communities, where many of our clients are located and do business.”


In 2018, JDSA will continue to foster existing and new partnerships with organizations throughout the greater Wenatchee Valley. We will continue to keep you well informed of the new and interesting events and sponsorships.