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The 2018 Concerts in the Gardens

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2018 | Firm News

JDSA Law is proud to be a top-tier sponsor for this year’s RLS Productions’ Concerts in the Gardens. This year, the five-week summer concert series runs from early July through early August. In addition to being a summer highlight in the community, this annual event accomplishes an even greater good.

The concert series is presented by RLS Productions, whose vision is to:

Last month, JDSA was privileged to attend an event where two Wenatchee Valley College students were presented scholarships. Through JDSA’s assistance, the scholarship recipients each received $1,000.

“This concert series is a wonderful way to connect with the community, highlight the always-beautiful Ohme Gardens, and help local college students pursue their dreams. The Concerts in the Gardens is a fabulous way to spend a weeknight evening in the Wenatchee Valley!”


Excellent talent is lined up for this summer’s Concerts in the Gardens. Visit RLS Productions to learn more, and purchase your tickets before they’re gone.