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Partnership for a Stronger Community

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Firm News

Partnering with the community holds different meanings to different people and organizations. To Joe Holeman, Business Development Director at JDSA Law, closely aligning with the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce (WVCC) allows him to take on diverse roles to serve, represent and promote the interests of businesses in our community.

WVCC Ambassador

In this role, Joe serves as a liaison between the WVCC and its members, and represents the Chamber within the Wenatchee Valley community.  Joe meets and welcomes business leaders, connecting members together, in an effort to provide networking opportunities and build stronger relationships.

WVCC Advocacy Committee

In addition to being an Ambassador to the Chamber, Joe was recently appointed as a member of the WVCC Advocacy Committee.  Joe’s focus within this role is to assist the WVCC Board in advancing vital issues to the business community and the Wenatchee Valley in addition to upholding our Valley’s quality of life.  In addition, Joe will also lead education efforts on issues and concerns that have an impact on the community, and participate in various WVCC events and functions.

“I’m honored to be part of these outstanding Chamber programs, and helping to ensure the voices and needs of membership and community are heard.”


JDSA Law is proud to partner with the WVCC to champion our community’s quality of life and economic vitality through collaborative leadership and sound business advocacy.