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Technology + Agriculture = Success

by | May 10, 2018 | Agricultural Law, Land Use, Environmental Law

Technology is everywhere.  For most, it’s the method utilized to consume news, plan vacations, and communicate with friends and family.  But when you enjoy a glass of delicious Washington wine, or take a bite of a crisp Washington apple, do you ever stop to consider the technology needed to fulfill that experience?

Technology is increasingly important—and necessary—for how agricultural businesses evolve and thrive.  Consider these recent examples:

In an article published by Bloomberg, establishing a winery goes beyond purchasing a vineyard and simply growing grapes.  Larry Stone, a master sommelier and former Napa Valley resident, uses technology and innovation in his custom-made tanks to integrate lines that allow for both heating and cooling. Plus, his chardonnay room has a separate heating system to accommodate the colder Oregon nights.  This winery also utilizes a unique European press device that controls the intensity of the grape press in order to produce the desired result.  Technology is something this winery is proud to incorporate into its business.

Equally impressive is a new technology being used at Iowa State University (ISU) to study the effect of water on plants.  In an article published by Science Daily, scientists at ISU have developed graphene-based, sensors-on-tape that can be attached to plants to provide data to researchers and farmers about water use in crops.  This technology opens doors for scientists and farms to begin breeding plants with better water efficiency, and paves the way for further expansion of technology sensors to monitor the environment and test crops for diseases or pesticides.

These examples highlight some different ways innovation and technology is shaping the way the agriculture industry is doing business.  As always, the attorneys at JDSA Law strive to remain current with the latest news and technology, and assist our clients in this dynamic and exciting agricultural landscape.

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