JDSA Presenting at Annual Labor Conference


JDSA Law returns to present at the Washington Farm Labor Association Annual Labor Conference on February 23, 2017.

In 2016, JDSA Law partner Kristin Ferrera, spoke at the G.S. Long Winter Ag Academy in both Yakima and Wenatchee. She presented on Wage and Hour Litigation Update to both audiences.  Kristin commented, “Speaking at the Winter Ag Academy is such a great opportunity to connect with agricultural employers on a different level than everyday employment and litigation advice.” She noted that the best part about these seminars is getting feedback from the farmers and orchardists as to what questions and problems they are facing on a daily basis.  “This really helps me to provide practical solutions for wage and hour issues moving forward, keeping in mind both the realities of working in the field and the trends we are seeing in the courts,” Ferrera added.  

This year, the Annual Labor Conference will be held in the Yakima Convention Center. Over 250 seasonal employers are expected to attend. 

On February 23, 2017, JDSA attorneys Rita Lovett and Robin Hansen will be in attendance to discuss the new minimum wage and sick leave initiatives (I-1433) and piece rate wage litigation.  In addition, Rita will be presenting a breakout session on Discrimination in the Workplace. 

WAFLA’s mission is to facilitate a legal and stable workforce for seasonal employers in the Pacific Northwest. It has many programs in place to assist employers with their workforce needs. WAFLA holds various annual conferences and events in which that JDSA Law has participated; providing knowledge on industry topics to the employers in attendance. 

For more information about WAFLA, their mission, and programs offered, please visit wafla.org

Kirk Esmond