We Listened. So you can too.

JDSA is proud to announce Season 2 of JDSA's Law Talk – The weekly podcast that clearly explains complicated legal issues, and how the law applies to your everyday personal and professional life. You can listen, share, and provide feedback whenever and wherever your mobile device takes you. JDSA’s Law Talk Host, Clint Strand, brings his regionally renowned voice and interview acumen to this season’s Law Talk.

At JDSA Law, we consistently engage innovative ways to inform and educate the community. As a nationally-shared podcast, our Law Talk offers another opportunity to connect important legal topics with a broader audience.
— Jasen McDaniel, COO


We listened. New enhancements include:

  • Multiple topics from numerous JDSA professionals
  • Access to Season 1 and recent episodes through iTunes and Google Play
  • Preview of upcoming episodes
  • The ability to join the conversation, by emailing LawTalk@JDSALaw.com, to comment and suggest future topics

As a fully produced podcast, JDSA's Law Talk is available for download on iTunes, and Google Play for Android devices.

And it’s free.

Download JDSA’s Law Talk to your desktop or mobile device, or browse past and current episodes anytime at JDSALaw.com.

Kirk Esmond