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Legal Guidance Through All Phases Of A Business’s Lifecycle

For many business owners, a sign of success is the feeling of satisfaction when an enterprise has proven to be truly sustainable and is ready to pass on to the next generation of leaders.

For 75 years, JDSA Law has supported countless clients in Wenatchee and beyond through all phases of their business operations, from entity formation to dissolution or succession. We have not simply watched from the sidelines but have gotten in the trenches with them as they have grown their enterprises, incorporated new technology, weathered ups and downs in the economy and the community, and enjoyed the fruit of their labors.

Forward-looking leadership through the entire lifecycle of a profitable business ideally includes explicit plans for the next steps.

Nuts And Bolts Of Business Succession

Along the way in their lifelong journeys, many of our clients’ businesses have merged with or acquired other businesses. Others have rebranded for a variety of reasons. Some have spun off parts of their businesses in partition sales. Sometimes there is a need to downsize or split a business in response to a divorce, departure of a business owner or death in the family.

Ultimately, there comes a time for those who were once entrepreneurs to wind down their roles in their businesses and pass the reins to the next generations of leaders. Our areas of emphasis for succession planning include the following:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Sales transactions of businesses or parts of them
  • Exit strategies
  • Gifting and inheritance
  • Tax planning

If your area of concern is not listed here, please bring up your priorities with one of our business succession attorneys.

Turn To Us For Guidance On Transitioning Your Business

Stewarding your business well is critical at all times, especially during times of transition. At Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., we provide plan development services for business succession, asset protection, and business sale and lease agreements, and we counsel on sound strategies for making sure that your business remains strong well into the future.

We look forward to hearing about your goals and sharing the extensive knowledge that several generations of attorneys have acquired at this law firm. To schedule a consultation with one or more of our succession planning lawyers, call 509-662-3685 or send an email inquiry.