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Prevent Lawsuits Against Your Business, Or Prevail In Litigation

From formation to operations, growth and succession, every stage of a business’s life cycle carries risks of conflict.

  • Disputes may arise internally between partners or among shareholders and management.
  • Conflicts may involve customers or other businesses.
  • Legal problems may come up related to a business’s relationship with government agencies.

In whatever area of business you face challenges, you need to be able to lean on the knowledge and guidance of established legal professionals.

At JDSA Law, we help clients prevent, plan and prevail in litigation stemming from breach of contract, partnership disputes and complaints from employees. In all types of litigation, we focus on protecting the bottom lines, reputations and future viability of our clients’ businesses. We help clients save money by bringing about conclusions to disputes efficiently and effectively.

Alternative Paths To Resolution

Most business owners understand the importance of preventing an eruption of difficulties that can lead to lawsuits. Formation agreements, employee handbooks, sexual harassment prevention training and business-to-business contracts are all examples of proven, effective ways to prevent the escalation of disagreements that can lead to litigation.

Besides prevention, negotiations, mediation and arbitration are all ways to settle disputes outside of court. However, despite all these more desirable paths to resolution of conflicts, litigation sometimes becomes unavoidable. Perhaps the other party refuses to negotiate or mediate. Or maybe the stakes are extraordinarily high, and you and your lawyer are confident that you can win your case before a judge and jury.

We Win Many Lawsuits Before They Go To Court

Experienced attorneys realize the importance of preparing every case as if for trial. At JDSA Law, that is our way. Through meticulous preparation for trial, we bring about many pretrial resolutions strongly in our clients’ favor. Our clients can rely on our tenacious advocacy, no matter what business concerns the disputes have to do with, such as the following:

  • Agricultural land use
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Franchising issues
  • Commercial leases
  • Intellectual property
  • Partnership agreements and disputes
  • Employee-employer relations

When cases go to the courtroom, our litigators’ skills and talents shine as we vigorously represent our clients.

What Direction Should Your Business Take When Facing A Dispute? Ask Our Team.

Request a needs assessment with the help of one or more of our business law attorneys at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward. Our business law team is here to help you make decisions that are likely to yield positive long-term outcomes when litigation has become necessary.

Schedule a consultation by calling 509-662-3685 or by sending a message through our online inquiry form.