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Design And Implement A Productive Divorce Strategy

At Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., we are skilled and compassionate divorce attorneys, and we recognize that divorce is likely to be one of the most difficult times in our clients’ lives. We understand that divorce is not the desired outcome from a marriage and that navigating through a divorce may be intricate and unsettling. What sets us apart is not only our deep knowledge of divorce law but also our willingness to truly take the time to understand your needs. Every divorce is as individual as the marriage that preceded it. We practice throughout Washington, and we are happy to find the best way to meet with you, including virtually through our secure online meeting rooms, to ease your burden during what is likely to be a difficult, emotional time.

In the state of Washington, divorce is legally referred to as a “dissolution of marriage.” Washington is also a collaborative law state, meaning that disputes can be resolved out of court in a mediation-based approach, yet 90% of all divorce cases will end up in court. Our strong recommendation is that you involve a member of our family law team as early in the process as possible.

Having a skillful family law divorce attorney to protect your rights will safeguard your position through the dissolution process. Every aspect of marriage dissolution is form-driven in Washington, and the value of a lawyer is their expertise in filling out the forms properly. All divorce transactions use the same form, but not all issues are explicitly covered on the form. At JDSA Law, we skillfully adjust accordingly to provide the court with clear guidance and ensure that the forms include all the necessary information.

We are well-versed in understanding the state rules for divorce cases. In Washington, you must be legally married for the court to oversee the dissolution of your marriage. We are knowledgeable in the legal framework surrounding Washington divorce laws so that you can focus on the other aspects of your transition out of marriage.

If divorce is on the table, you should know these 10 things about getting divorced in Washington (written by our family law attorney).

We Can Answer Your Questions About Divorce

Common questions that we routinely hear surrounding aspects of divorce include:

What if we agree? Do we need a lawyer? Can’t we just fill out the forms?

As stated above, 90% of dissolution proceedings end up in court, which means that many couples who start in agreement ultimately cannot agree on the specifics. Hiring a lawyer at the beginning of the dissolution process is by far the best option.

How do we decide where our children live?

There are many factors that must be considered in making the decision that is best for both you and your child(ren).

Who takes the family home? Am I going to have to move out?

There are many factors that will be used in making this determination. First and foremost is that Washington is one of the few remaining community property law states in the country.

Does it matter that my spouse cheated?

Washington is a no-fault state, which means that it does not matter.

Am I going to receive spousal/child support?

As with many answers, it depends on the specific circumstances of your case.

How long will dissolution take?

At a minimum, it will take 90 days from the time the motion is served for a decree of dissolution to be granted. In most cases, it takes significantly longer.

Will I be able to see my pet after the divorce?

As with many answers, it depends on the specific circumstances of your case. Washington is a community property law state.

How much did Jeff Bezos have to pay his wife?

This is a surprising question that we hear more frequently than you might think, and one which we aren’t going to answer here. Rest assured, we will work diligently on your case.

These and other questions are likely top of mind as you consider whether to progress with a dissolution of your marriage. The specific answers to the questions will of course depend on the facts and circumstances of your situation.

Contact Us For Skilled Guidance Through Divorce

At JDSA Law, we are here to work with you to protect your rights during your divorce process. The process may be lengthy and strenuous, but we are here to ease your experience.

Contact us or call us at 509-662-3685 to discuss your family law needs.