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Real Estate Development

A successful real estate development project incorporates an understanding of the complexities of the project as well as the local processes and laws involved. Developers can face countless issues during the real estate development phase. The bigger the project, the more problems that could arise and bring the project to a halt. Our Washington real estate development lawyers at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., understand this and possess the skill, local knowledge and attention to detail necessary to assist on north-central and eastern Washington real estate development projects.

Why Choose Us?

For the savvy investor, real estate development in Washington can be lucrative. Washington boasts an expanding economy, strong workforce and plentiful development opportunities. In addition, many areas have been designated “Opportunity Zones,” where investors can qualify for preferential tax treatment for land purchases.

There is no substitute for experience and local knowledge. We are able to apply this knowledge to development projects and provide unique insights and solutions that non-local practitioners might not be able to offer. Whether your project is in Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Adams, Kittitas, Okanogan or Walla Walla counties or beyond, we are ready to assist you.

In real estate development, it’s not only what you know but who you know as well. We have developed working relationships with many other professionals across the industry. When possible, the benefits of this may be passed directly on to the client by providing a smooth and successful development project while avoiding common pitfalls and problems associated with these projects.

JDSA Law is one of the largest firms in north-central and eastern Washington. Our firm is comprised of lawyers from many different legal disciplines. Each real estate development project is unique and can touch on many different legal issues, such as water rights, construction law, environmental law and others. If an issue arises, we can consult with our greater legal team to get you the answers you need quickly and efficiently, providing a seamless, cost-effective approach.

Real Estate Development Considerations

Real estate development can include a full range of legal issues to consider, such as:

  • Are there any tax benefits associated with this development?
  • Would it be advantageous to create a new business entity for tax purposes?
  • Are there zoning, permitting and/or other land use issues associated with this property?
  • What other construction or development is planned on adjacent land?
  • Are there any common resources (water, power, roads) that will need to be managed?
  • Are there any water rights issues associated with this property?
  • Are there any environmental concerns or barriers to development?
  • If a party backs out of their agreement, can specific performance be enforced?

Real Estate Development Services We Offer

In a development project, there are many different legal agreements that can be required, including construction contracts, leases, permits, purchase contracts and much more. At JDSA Law, we are able to negotiate, draft and prepare, and review and evaluate all legal agreements necessary for a real estate development project.

The following are examples of concerns that we can assist you with for your real estate development project:

  • Construction law: Construction law can be implicated in the development process. We are available to negotiate, draft and prepare, review and evaluate, and enforce any construction law issues as they arise.
  • Agricultural issues: Our depth of experience enables us to anticipate and discuss any agricultural issues involved in your property development project.
  • Title insurance: Our business relationships with title insurance companies help us identify and resolve any problems promptly.
  • Environmental law: Environmental problems can create a significant roadblock to your project. Our understanding of local codes and our relationships in the industry can assist in addressing land use, permitting and zoning questions.
  • Water rights: Water rights may be implicated in conjunction with agricultural properties as well as technological industries, timber, ranches and dairy operations. We can assist clients in navigating complex regulatory systems in dealing with water rights for these properties.
  • Zoning and permitting: We are able to help with all aspects of zoning and permitting, including obtaining zoning permits, variances, building permits, conditional use permits and reasonable use permits.
  • Breach of contract/dispute resolution: Should a dispute arise at the local, state or federal level, our legal team is able to respond quickly to resolve the problem and assist in keeping your project moving forward.

If you are considering a real estate development project, contact our Washington real estate development lawyers for guidance. We are dedicated to providing our clients quality legal services and representing their best interests. Our 150 combined years of legal experience, local knowledge and commitment to excellence are a successful combination.

Contact us or call 509-662-3685 to discuss your real estate needs.