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Plan To Purchase, Sell Or Build On Real Estate

Proper real estate planning is an important step in any real estate transaction. It establishes the framework from which the project is built and requires proper due diligence, experience and local knowledge in tandem with acute attention to detail at every step. At Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, P.S., our attorneys’ local knowledge gives our clients the extra edge needed to ensure a successful transaction.

This distinctive combination makes our services unparalleled in the industry in north-central and eastern Washington and beyond. Real estate planning is often the first step in our commercial real estate legal service and was specifically developed to ensure that each real estate project we handle for our clients is timely and meets every facet of their needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our Washington real estate planning lawyers know that every case is unique and requires a different approach to carry a project from concept to completion. We have over 150 combined years of experience dealing with real estate transactions in Washington, in particular those in north-central and eastern Washington. In addition, the breadth of our practice areas, including tax, family law, water law and agricultural law, means that we are uniquely placed to provide professional and comprehensive services to our commercial real estate clients who routinely require these unique skills.

If you are considering acquiring a parcel of land for future commercial or residential subdivision construction, contact our office and speak to one of our real estate attorneys for guidance.

What Is Real Estate Legal Planning?

This is a step that regularly takes place before the acquisition of land or property. We can represent either side of the transaction – buyer or seller. Prior to purchasing a property, the following are examples of questions that can arise in a real estate transaction:

  • Is there any form of a lien on the property?
  • Are there any covenants or restrictions that are going to make it difficult or impossible to use and/or convert the property to its desired use?
  • Are there local rules, regulations and/or zoning policies that must be complied with that could impact the potential use of the property?
  • Are there similar types of property – for example, outside city limits – that may be cheaper or easier to build on and are subject to fewer zoning regulations?
  • Are there local special interest groups – land trusts, indigenous groups – that have earmarked the property?
  • Are the water rights available to the property sufficient for its planned use?
  • Will connection with local services – electric, water, waste – be readily obtainable?
  • Is there an easement on the property, e.g., future footpath or road right of way?

During the planning phase of a real estate acquisition, we understand that numerous issues can arise. Our experience enables us to carefully navigate what can be a complicated real estate transaction with professionalism. Our depth of experience, combined with our extensive local knowledge of real estate in north-central and eastern Washington, including Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Adams, Kittitas, Okanogan and Walla Walla counties and beyond, allows us to guide our clients’ transactions to completion smoothly and efficiently.

Should a dispute arise causing the client to request our help, we can promptly seek a solution while protecting our client’s interests. We always work with our clients to find the best resolution to the problem. If, however, a satisfactory resolution can’t be reached, we are ready and willing to pursue a remedy in all administrative and judicial forums.

We help our clients navigate through the real estate acquisition process, keeping their interests and goals at the forefront of every transaction.

Our Real Estate Planning Services

Our Washington real estate planning lawyers can be involved in every aspect of your real estate planning process and are experienced in the following areas:

Rights and interests of the parties: Depending on the real estate project or transaction, we may suggest an entity structure that provides the most value to our client, taking into consideration our client’s particular needs.

  • Agricultural issues: Depending on the transaction, agricultural matters – such as special land use, zoning, water or environmental concerns – can make up a large part of the planning process. We are experienced in addressing the unique questions presented by agricultural properties.
  • Zoning and permitting: We can provide assistance with zoning and permitting issues of all varieties. This includes zoning permits, variances, reasonable use permits, building permits and conditional use permits. Should a problem arise, we can work with state and local officials to try to resolve the issue promptly.
  • Water rights: Water rights in Washington can be a primary concern when purchasing real estate. These issues often arise in the context of agricultural properties as well as technological industries, ranches, timber, nurseries, dairy operations and desired land use development and subdivisions. Our Washington real estate attorneys are able to assist with water-related matters and work with local and state regulators to ensure that our clients’ objectives are met.
  • Environmental issues: If not handled properly, an environmental issue can create a major roadblock to the success of a real estate project. Our firm is able to work closely with city and state officials to navigate complex local, state and federal regulations.

Proper planning is the key to a successful real estate project. Our team at JDSA Law offers a full suite of services necessary to help you conceive, implement and complete your real estate transactions, from the simplest to the most complex.

Contact us or call 509-662-3685 to discuss your real estate needs.