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Product Liability and Recalls – Is Your Business Protected?


Season 3, Episode 18 – Product recalls are an increasingly frequent occurrence. Sometimes they involve product safety; other times they may involve situations such as food contamination. But have you ever thought about what the grower, manufacturer, or the retailer has to do when there’s a recall? Who shoulders the cost of pulling everything from the shelves? What other costs result from the issue? If you’re in the agriculture industry, manufacturing, or retail sector, you will want to listen to this podcast. JDSA attorney Colleen Frei discusses the importance of not only having insurance, but knowing for certain your policies are the right ones—to protect yourself—and cover unexpected expenses. Listen in, and get the details in this episode of JDSA’s Law Talk podcast highlighting Product Liability and Recalls – Is Your Business Protected?

Product Liability and Recalls – Is Your Business Protected?
Colleen Frei

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